Stone Cold resume- bog (1 år)


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Stone Cold resume


Main persons: (Link and Shelter)



  • One of the main persons.
  • Sixteen-year-old boy.
  • He has a sister, mom, father and stepfather.



  • One of the main persons.
  • Forty-seven-year-old man.
  • Lives in an apartment with his cat.



  • Links big sister. She lives with her boyfriend.


Vince (stepfather):

  • Links stepdad.
  • He is Links mom new boyfriend.
  • Link and Carole hate him, because Vince is mean to Link and Carole.



  • Links father ran off with a receptionist in 1991.


Vi har lavet en beskrivelse/resume for hver enkel side i Stone Cold.




Shelter have been twenty-nine years in the service

12 He is forty-seven and really fit. They chuck the person out because of medical grounds.
13 Its about Christmas. Link spend the Christmas at Carole. Its also about Link is trying to get a job.
14 Vince and the mom came fore dinner. They got drunk, except Link.
15 Link flew to London (the twenty-eigth december). Carole lent Link the money.
18 Link arrived in midwinter to London, because things were really bad at home.
19 Link turned right out of the station and started walking. He didnt know where he was going.
20 He got a place to sleep for fifty for a week. Went to the job centre.
21 Link goes to the carrieres office, because he was not eighteen. Gave them adress. He got interviewed.
22 Shelter. The recruiting is begun.
23 The scottish were asking for food and a bed. He came to Shelters place. And he heat som tomato soup.
25 Link tries to find a job in London, with no succes
26 It was Friday, and Link had to pay the rent. He dosent have money.
27 Rat-face said that Link have to pack his bag. And that is how he came to join the homeless kids.
31 Link found a good deep doorway. Because it was so deep that  light from streetlamps and shopfronts didnt reach the door. And you could sit with your back against it, and not be seen by passengers.
32-33 Link felt free because he dosent have to think about next weeks rent. Go the the station because he had too pee.
34 Link fights a man. He pictured him, and phoning the railway police. He came back to his doorway, but someone was there. the other man poked Link in the chest, because Link said it was his doorway.
35 The man took Links watch. it was a special watch becuase it was a present from his mom before Vince came on the scene. Link could not do anything and he left without his watch.
40 Went to Pentonville Road. Link found a new doorway.
41 A new guy came into the new doorway Link found. He was nice and said hello. His name is Ginger.
42 They were talking. Ginger has been homeless in 6 or 7 months. Link  said to ginger that he could get the snicker, but he dosent want it. But at last he eat it, and said goodnight. That was how he met Ginger.
43 there were 2 police officers who got Link and Ginger awake. They have a tourch. A man and a woman. They said dont forget the screwed-up wrapper from the snicker.
44 they were talkning about money. Ginger said that he should not say to anybody how much money he had, or won’t have it long. Went to a kebabhouse. Bolted a doner and slurped coffee.
45 Ginger begs every day. Sometimes he dont have enought money for a sandwich.
46 Ginger think that Link should already begin to beg now, before he run out of money.
47 Ginger begin to beg, with no luck. Some of them walk on glassy-eyed and expressionless. Some assumed angry expressions.
48 2 types. The disdainful and the apologetic.
49 They went in st james church. To get warm. Ginger started counting the change he had collected.
50 they ate cheese roll. Ginger payed for them. A cafe in the church.
52 They split up. Link was trying to beg outside the National Gallery. Ginger was trying to beg round Trafalgar Tquare
53 Link thought it was hard. He asked a random person, and got rejected.
54 Link collected under four pounds (three pounds eighty one). It was a better collecting than Ginger. They ate pizza and cola. Link bought a cheap lighter and twenty fags (cigarettes) to ginger.
56 Link is talking about how to sleep as a homeless guy. He said that you can only sleep if you are really drunk, because it is cold and you don’t find it comfy.
58 He had lots of thoughts so it is hard to sleep.
59 Link went to the DDS (it is a firm that find jobs to you). He were told about his family. But i dosent work. He did not get a job.
60 Shelter is talking about the number 3. its a significant number, ot corps up in all sorts of places. Three wishes, the three little pigs etc.
64 Shelter found a new recruit.
67 Ginger tells about Captain Hook, which buy six old narrowboats, to do them up and hire them out for canal holidays. Makes floating doss-houses for the children.
68 He is getting kids off the streets, nobody care about it. Packing them away where the tourists can’t see them. Captain Hook got the boats by Camden Lock.
69 He did not look like captain hook. Wearing wellies, a waxed jacket, a muffler, a knitted cap and gloves with the fingers cut out. It look liked a slave ship. It stank like one too.
70 Link is describing the ship. It was really warm and there were no lights. I dreamed about he was sailing his yacht through blue, tropic waters under a cloudless sky. Cool drinks for him.
71 Camden Lock markets are famous. You can buy hats, tee shirts, mirrows, candles and other kinds of stuff. There were there because of the facilities.
72 Ginger finds some of his friends. And that makes Link think that if Ginger just goes off with his friends.Link was not sure if he could be homeless alone.
73 They leave the cafe. Why is he called Doggy Bag? Because he used to hang around cafes. And when somebody left their table, he ran over to it and drop their scraps in a plastic bag.
76  The last days of January were bad. It snowed every day so the pavements where thick with slush. They slept in doorways and subways. Frost turned the slush to grey iron. They grew hungry.
77 They tried to stamping on the feets, running on the spot, blowing into their hands. Ginger borrowed a marker pen and printed a couple of placards. There stood “NON-ALCOHOLIC HOMELESS, PLEASE HELP. Because people seldom give to winos.
78 A mug of soup, was how they survice until February came. He couldnt attend job interviews because his clothes were sodden rags. Ginger vanished
79 Ginger vanished. Just a normal day. Ginger said to Link, that he has to meet some of his mates down Holdborn. Link walked him along to the station and he never saw him again. He was wondering what Ginger was doing with his mates.
80 Link went to Captain Hook and surrendered every penny he had, for a place on a boat.
81-83 He was making the operation “Laughting boy one”. He must have stalked Link and Ginger. He said to Ginger when he came back that Link is hurt. And they took to his place. He was lying all the way and execute Ginger at the end. The opreration two was focused on Link, which he calls STINK.
84 He spent the Friday looking for Ginger.
85-86 Link talked with a guy, wich sell the paper. The paper man told Link that he had seen Ginger with an old feller. He also told Link, that they where talking about a hospital and Link himself.
87-88 Link talked with Toya, which was a friend of Ginger. He were asking if she knew where Ginger was. She said that she didnt have seen him since Thursday.
89 Meets a pretty girl, which asked Link to sit with him. Nice hair, laser eyes
90 He talks with Gail about London and normal information about each others.
91 Still talking with Gail about being homeless.
92 He is looking for army boots to his army and not him self. The boots just have to shine, and they do. At last he is talking about Link, which bumped into a caff.
93 It is very hard to score when you are a homeless guy. Because you have no money and a dirty look. Link think it’s the same to be a homeless girl. Thats why Link fellt strange about to chatting with a fantastic-looking girl.
94-95 There are falling in love.
96 They ate and talkted. She asked a million questions and Link was just trying to answer them as his best he could.
97 They rode down to Chaing Cross, because she wanted to try her hand at tapping.
98-99 They splitted up and met each other at St Martins Place. She got more money than Link as her first day. They splitted it.
100 Shelter is talking about how many recruits he have so far. He have 7 recruits. He also mentioned that they volynteers to become his recruits because he did’nt force them to come. They come to get a roof over their heads and some food. Thats Shelters opinion.
102 Link is worried about that some guy with a job and a house would take Gail, because she is so good looking. Link wants a job, to not lose her.
103 Trying to get job. He had some couple of interviews but never with succes.
104 A man talks to Link about Tonja which is the mans Daughter. They dont know where she is. Shelter had killed Tonja.
106 Shelter is talking about that he found a forty-five years old man, which should be Tonyas father. At last Shetlter says that he is pretty sure that the man could be related to one of his recruits, which could be Tonja.
107 Link talks with Nick. Nick says that he saw Tonja went away with Shelter, the same as Ginger for some days ago. Link taks about double murder.
109 Nick, Link and Gail decided to watch Shelter, and find out what he is doing.
110 Go to the police. Tell them about Ginger and Tonja were gone. The police found nothing.
111-113 Shelter lied about Tonja infront of the 2 policeofficers. He said that he gave her a bath and some food. He didnt told them that she was dead.
113-118 Gail went over to captain hook for asking about Shelters adress, and they got it. Why? Because they think he might be a reason why Toya and Ginger is gone.
119-120-121 They went to Shelters place outside and they wait. They wait a long time. It was raining so they move under the rail britdge. Link came alone in Mornington Place. They have their first fight.
122-123 Shelter came out. Calling for “Sappho” his cat. He saw Link. They were talking. Shelter offered food and a coat. Link said that a Coat could be nice and went into the house.
125-133 Link found his old watch he gave to the scouser. Thats were he knew that Shelter was the reason why Ginger and Toya was gone.
127-133 They begun to fight. Link saw all the seven dead people. Link said at last that his friends know he was at Shelters place. The cops came in and gail too. Gail tell Link that she is a Journalist. She was researching homelessness.
127-133 He will find a new spot where he can live and forget about Shelter, Gail and Ginger. Because he thinks now it is a place where ghosts (Ginger and Toya) live.